Randy Klein & Peter Bliss

Workshops Include

– Participants’ song critique
– Hit Song analysis
– Special industry guests
– The art of listening to music and lyrics
– The art of rewriting

Who Can Attend

– Songwriters of any level who want to learn more about the craft of songwriting
and improve their skills.
– Topliners / Lyricists and Producers looking for collaborators.
– Singer Songwriters who want to up their game.

Workshop Rules

– Song critiques for each session will be selected by random drawing.
– All participants must provide their song audio (MP3 or WAV file) and written lyrics (PDF or MS Word files) on a USB Stick Flash Drive for presentation.

Ashford & Simpon’s Sugar Bar Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place to attend a songwriting workshop!

For further information: info@youcanwriteasong.net sugarbarnyc.com 254 W 72nd, New York, NY 10023